Institutional Presence

Republic of Iceland


Brief history of Romanian-Icelandic political and diplomatic relations


On May 16, 1956, diplomatic relations were established between Romania and the Republic of Iceland, which were subsequently upgraded to the level of embassy on December 31, 1963.

After the anti-communist Revolution in Romania, Iceland became a close partner of Romania and a supporter of our country's integration into NATO. Romania's accession to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization has led to the strengthening of relations between the two allied states.

Romania supports Iceland's application for EU membership, filed in July 2009, expressing its readiness to provide the Icelandic side with the expertise gained in the EU accession process.

The diplomatic representation of Romania to Iceland is provided by the Romanian Embassy in Copenhagen. In the same city resides the Ambassador of Iceland to Romania.

Beginning with September 11, 2016, Mihai Alexandru Gradinar  is the Ambassador of Romania to the Republic of Iceland.

The Ambassador of Iceland to Romania, Benedikt Jónsson, presented his letters of credence to President of Romania, Klaus Werner Iohannis, on November 6, 2015.








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