Brief history

The Romanian - Danish official relations were established in 1879, sanctioned through the visit of the first Romanian diplomatic officials to the Kingdom of Denmark - Grigore Basarab Brancoveanu and mayor Ion Barcanescu. The two Romanian statesmen were direct representatives of King Carol I and were assigned with notifying the Danish King on the achievement of Romanian Independence.

In 1880, with the set up of the first Consulate of Denmark in Bucharest, the first requests from Romanian nationals to settle in Denmark by marriage or emigration have also been recorded. Århus was the first Danish town chosen by around 20 Romanians for settlement.

Romanian – Danish bilateral diplomatic relations have been instituted on April 13th 1917 when the Ambassador of Romania in Stockholm was also accredited in Denmark. In 1934, the first diplomatic offices have been mutually established in the capitals of both countries.

The outbreak of World War II and the occupation of Denmark by Nazi Germany led to a temporary halt of the Romanian – Danish relations in 1940. Reestablished in 1946, the Romanian - Danish diplomatic relations were elevated at Embassy level on January 16th 1965.

After the 1989 anti-communist Revolution in Romania, Denmark became a close partner and one of the main supporters of reforms in Romania as well as of our country’s accession to the Euro-Atlantic and European organizations.
The accession of Romania to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and to the European Union led to the enhancement of relations between the two states - allies and partners in the European structures. At present, Denmark and Romania have similar visions on the main international issues such as anti-terrorism, Afghanistan, energy security and the reform of the UN.


Since 11h of September 2016, Mr. MIhai Alexandru Grădinar is the Ambassador of Romania in the Kingdom of Denmark.

Since 11th of Octomber 2018, Mr. Søren Jensen is the Ambassador of Denmark in Romania.

On November 21st 2006 Denmark ratified the Accession Treaty of Bulgaria and Romania to the European Union.

On the 1st of January 2007, Denmark has shown its satisfaction for the accession of Romania to the European Union. The then Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen has addressed the Romanian people a Welcome message into the European Union, whilst the then Foreign Minister Per Stig Møller has celebrated the accession in Bucharest.




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